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Every once in a while I do something right around here. Last night an excellent example of one of those times. Mrs S turned 50 on Thursday and I wanted to celebrate half a century of grace and loveliness in way that would be meaningful for her and not get me in big fat trouble for not listening to her wishes. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention in any way, shape or form and she emphatically told me that this was to be an drama free event, no big party, no expensive gifts no nothing. A quiet dinner and we would call it good.

Can’t let 50 go like that. So knowing her as I do and knowing how much she cherishes friends I organized a little surprise birthday dinner for her at Cafe Maude in South Minneapolis. Operative word LITTLE. The restaurant is small so anything more than about 12 people would be bigger than they would probably want to handle on a Friday night. Plus she was very adamant that she didn’t really want to do anything except go out to dinner, so a big ass deal at someone’s house with thousands would not be in spirit of celebrating the birthday as she would like.

So, two months ago I put the wheels in motion. Reservations for 12 at Maude. I thought it would be really cool if I could sneak the boys home from college and have them join us at the affair. Although I was ready to fly the Auburn kid home, he had a test on Friday and Mrs S would not be happy to learn that he missed something important for this. He would have to Skype in. The Michigan Tech kid was able to get away despite losing two days of school this week to snow. 5’ of snow in Houghton in two days. Upper Peninsula living.

Arrangements were made, people invited, flowers purchased, and everything was a go.

We have some wonderful friends, really like family. Several of the women had taken her to lunch the day before, not a word was passed. On game day, she had no idea.

Here’s the thing about the other gender, just when you think you can predict their actions…

For the last 28 years Mrs S has been late to every event I’ve ever been too with her. She just runs late, it’s how she rolls. FALS- Females Always Late Syndrome I call it. Seems to be pretty common out there. But last night, the night of her big event, when I fully expected her to start getting ready 11 minutes before we had to leave, she’s freaking ready to go 30 minutes early. Yeah, half hour. Comes downstairs and says “You ready? Leszgo”. I panicked. I had instructed the guests to arrive at 7:00. Mrs S was ready to leave the house at 6:30 which meant we potentially could be sitting down 10 minutes before folks were scheduled to arrive.

“We got 30 minutes my precious turtle dove, chill.” “Been chilling all day, lets go early and sit a the bar.” Employing the following stall tactics I bought us almost 45 minutes:

  • Couldn’t find my keys. This didn’t work so well as she countered with “we’re taking my car aren’t we?” and handed me her keys.
  • Couldn’t find my muffler thingie. “It’s gone, you dropped it somewhere, it’s not that cold out LETS GO”.
  • Gotta go the bathroom. Spent about 5 minutes in there playing doodlejump until she knocked on the door to ask if I was ok.
  • Gotta let the dog out before we go. “Since when” was her response.
  • “Let me make sure the DVR is set to record CSI” “That’s on Wednesday night”..”CSI New York”, “Since when do watch that” Since you came downstairs early. “Honey just a sec I kinda forgot how to do this.” 3 minutes.
  • Took the wrong freeway to get there. That was good for about 10 minutes alone.
  • Drove 10 MPH below the speed limit. “Why are you driving so slow” “It’s icy” “People are passing us on the right now whats the deal?” “Want to be safe” “Seriously? Then wear your seatbelt.”

Unknowingly intent on blowing this event, as we got the restaurant at exactly the right time she says “let us out (daughter too) and you can go park the car.
“No, I’ll park right here.” Right here was street parking two blocks away. It had snowed about 5” during the day and as a result there was a snow bank on her side of the car. She had a hard time A) opening the door and B) Climbing over the mini-glacier only to get to an un-shoveled sidewalk.  This accentuated the gripe factor “can’t just let us off at the clean shoveled front door, blah blah blah. “

It was all worth it when we walked in (and she thankfully didn’t notice one of the party on the phone in the lobby as he was ducking behind a coat rack) and her face lit up. Seeing a little misty eye when she realized that her son was in the crowd, even better.

It was a fantastic evening judging by how happy she was chatting and enjoying what she enjoys most, time with friends.

Dinner BTW, phenomenal as always and the staff at Cafe Maude were awesome, atmosphere was outstanding as always and the food is fantastic every time I eat there. I told the server to “bring us stuff” and she did. Great choices of different flat breads, and a lobster croquette that was the best thing I’ve eaten in 2013. Soft cheese filling with a chunk of lobster.. the gourmet mac and cheese for the daughter, gnocchi in lemon sauce with capers, spinach and feta.. awesome.

Best part of the deal, came in about half the cost I had figured it would be. A huge surprise given the quality of the whiskies and wines people were enjoying.

It was a great evening for a great lady.



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48 Years of Love

Tuesday the Fat Man observed 48 years of continuous existence. When I think of all the joy and love I’ve spread over the years it fills the better part of a nanosecond.. weep.

Actually, thanks to Facebook I received more birthday greetings this year than in the previous 47 combined. Part of this I acknowledge is the great lengths I go to keep the general knowledge of my birthday a secret in the workplace and with associates. I’m not a big fan of workplace birthday celebrations, they’re so uh.. I don’t know.. I would just prefer the day go by unobserved.

Not so with family. Ironic that the cowokers are so bent on doing something while the family, not so much.

“What are you making for your birthday dinner” my daughter innocently asked on Tuesday night.

For the record I grilled some chops.

Mrs S did come through with dessert, couple of my favs from a local French bakery, don’t ask me which French bakery I wasn’t aware that we had one nearby. Crème Brule and a Napoleon. Love me some Frenchie Flan. As I say at every Mexican restaurant “there’s always room for flan”, and you know what, there always is. J

Now Napoleon’s, the tasty layered cream pastry named after a man directly responsible for particularly annoying condition with short dudes as well as the deaths of millions of Europeans, are possible my favorite things to eat, after a good curry, paella and my own words. Mmm I love me a serving of sweet hot hyperbole.

My absolute favorite dessert unfortunately is a now extinct cake which 30 years ago could only be purchased at Safeway in Stockton California. It’s no longer made and I’ve not seen it anywhere since the mid 80’s. I can still picture it- layers of chocolate cake and real coffee flavored cream filling with a mocha flavored cream based frosting and crushed sponge candy all over the top. I was encouraged a few years ago when one of my closest friends who makes candy every Christmas made a plate of sponge candy. Up until that day I never knew what those crumbles on top of my cake were. That was about 10 years ago and I still haven’t found the cake that goes under the crumbles.

Duncan Hines canned frosting on a Betty Crocker white cake BTW- no substitute. It’s a mouthful of sand compared to the moist richness of the memories of the cake I loved so much. And at 48, that’s just one of a few things that are fond memories, mmm delicious cakes, fitting into Levi’s 501 button flys and feeling in my toes.

Good times.

Last night I made the comment that “don’t we get a ‘birthday’ dinner in this family?” Mrs S looked up, “yeah, but we’re a little backlogged on that”. Oh yeah Eric’s birthday was April 13 and we’re still trying coordinate his dinner. He wants to go to Fogo de Cho BTW, the meat emporium in downtown Minneapolis. We walked past the place a few times on our way to the Wolves games, there’s like 5 different carcasses slowly turning on spits in the front window. Seriously, you can’t $70.00 in meat, well you probably can but you SHOULDN’T. Place should come with your choice of complementary angioplasty or colonoscopy, and as a promo the first 10 people every day can get both and an unlimited trip to the rather extensive salad bar.

So behind me in the birthday dinner queue are three kids. I don’t see it happening. Personally I’d like a trip to Café Maude, I think I’m going to settle for a trip to the Thirsty Otter instead for their Friday fish fry. Not the same but at least I’ll get to cash in.

48 feels like a pretty good number, has a nice ring to it. I like even numbers over odd numbers, they’re cleaner, easier to work with and roll of the tongue better, with the exception of 25 and 75. 48 means two one year away from starting to plan the big one- 50. I’m not sure quite yet what I want to do at 50, I’m thinking about some sort of jam session kind of thing where I a few friends can play some tunes? I don’t know. 40 was fun, we were at Elko Speed way for some rac’n. That was a nice evening. Half the folks however left after the firs qualifier when they realized that it was going to be pretty loud.

Maybe a big blog meet up at Blake Lake in Wisconsin, and a performance of the Sank Band.. Art you in?


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