The nitty gritty bio

People would describe me as old fat guy. Can’t argue with facts so…

I’m a Twin Cities based blogger, originally from Stockton California. My bride believes however that I’m a reincarnated Minnesotan based on how fast I took to winter and how much I complain about the weather.

I write to entertain and amuse, mostly myself, but occasionally others who have found their way to my little spot here in Cyberspace. I cherish each and everyone one of you, except for those of you on“the list” and you know who you are. My topics are usually about the fun of Middle Age and raising kids and occasional spattering about Jewish topics, politics and music reviews. It depends on what moves me and if my Irritable Bowl Syndrome is acting up or not. This blog was once described as Red Foreman meets Erma Bombeck, I like that description, I often give my kids sage and wise advice followed up by “dumbass”.

I’m married, three kids and I divide my time between Apple Valley Minnesota and Balsam Lake Wisconsin. With long stretches of time in Incline Village Nevada.

9 responses to “The nitty gritty bio

  1. Sank

    I’m not a technology blog. I don’t think we’re a good fit.

  2. Hello Gary,
    I was browsing local (Twin Cities) music-oriented blogs, looking for people who might be interested in reviewing my CD “Big Bang Baby Boom” which is being released July 6th. I came across your blog because it was listed as one of the best around. I realize that you only write about music as a topic when it intersects your personal life, and I think my songs will interest you. (I don’t sound anything like the Dead though).
    I write blues-based songs about ordinary, middle-class people and topics. Examples – being irrationally worried when my daughter is late getting home at night; wondering whether to tell my kids the truth about my pot-smoking days; going to Home Depot for the third time in one day.
    May I send you a copy? Please respond to There are some earlier versions of these songs on a MySpace page If you Google Nigel Egg a number of links to my music will come up.
    Nigel Eccleston (my real name that nobody in Minnesota can pronounce)

  3. Greetings!

    I saw that you had stopped by my blog and thought I would make a return trip to yours, and I’m glad I did! I’ll be checking out that turkey recipe too…looks fabulous. I made the mistake of making a Jenny-O turkey this year, and it was dry like the Mojave.

    Thanks so much for including me in your blog roll! Your blog is one I’ll be proud to include in mine.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Jonathan Eisenthal

    I take exception to your descriptions of yourself as “old” “ugly” etc . We are in the set that’s known as debonair junior geezers, thanks very much. Just dropping a line to see if you are interested in pouring for that wine tasting. It is happening Sunday, Feb. 13 at MZ from noon to four pm. I am hoping to have several people to cover that time, split into two two-hour shifts. I will be there the whole time. You can email, or give me a jingle. Number’s in the MZ book.

  5. CJ

    Thought you’d enjoy reading a post by a Minnesota Nobel Peace Prize nominee hopefulpeacemaker.blogspot
    She was pontificating about the snowstorm too

  6. dkzody

    Stockton, heh? I’m a life-long resident of Fresno, except for 15 months in SF this past year. How you were able to move to Minnesota is beyond me. My blood is far too thin for any temperature below 40 degrees! I correspond with a math teacher in St. Paul and we share our tales of work with Hmong students. And the disparate weather! It was nice to find your posts and hear from another Minnestotan.

  7. Hey I was at Lincoln High — I started my frosh year in ’79. I also had Mrs. Wattel for Frosh English and Shakespeare. She made me memorize big chunks of Romeo and Juliet, which I periodically use too re-woo my lovely wife. Funny that I found this blog.

  8. hello Gary
    ive just been reading your blog about Turkey and İsrael. İ live in English…and know a bit about the place
    Your blog was essentially on the ball and i agree with much of your commentary …however one little irksome need a history update
    you say that Turkey and Greece have been enemies since Troy..there wasn’t a race of people known as Turks at that time.Troy was between Spartans and Greeks.

  9. Troy

    Hey Gar Bear, very well put and I appreciate knowing you for the past 15 years. Your ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings into words that resonate with large audiences is truly admirable. Thanks for speaking on behalf of the Ex-Target employees and providing insight.

    We will always be friends and I look forward to each and everyone of our interactions.

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