Angry Football and Angry Futbol

World Cup. Big fun at the Casa, the boys are huge into futbol, at the expense of every other sport practically. Eric still likes NCAA sports of course, he does go to an SEC school so it’s more than understandable.

This year the World Cup has been a little tarnished in the press. Leading up to the game the news was flooded with stories about how protests were going to disrupt the games, how Brazilians weren’t going to support the national team, how soccer’s most passionate country was spurning FIFA, the governing body of the sport.


–       Massive spending on stadiums and infrastructure, all to support FIFA and nothing to support local needs, which in Brazil are extensive.

–       Billions of dollars for FIFA, nothing from FIFA back to Brazil. Major “investments” in football are not translating to public benefits.

–       Most Brazilians can’t afford a ticket to a game.

Basically there upset about a mega-sport entity usurping billions of dollars from their country for the privilege of hosting these games, with out benefiting the community.

I totally get their anger. I live in Minnesota, we have the exact same thing going here only instead of FIFA we have the NFL. Different kind of football, same kind of thieves.

Here in Minnesota we get to spend $500M on a new Vikings stadium. Taxpayer money mind you. For a private enterprise.

Then to make matters worse, the NFL getting a Superbowl means we get to pay the NFL at least $10M in tax rebates. Remember the NFL is a “non-profit” according to the law.

Among the other freebies on the NFL wish list-

1. Free police escorts for team owners.
They might just need an escort to get through the protests.

2. Free presidential suites in luxury hotels.
Lame. Who pays for this crap and don’t the owners have some their own coin to comp their game tickets?

3. Free billboards promoting the game throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Lame II- No one in Minnesota can afford to go to the game (Like Brazil)

4. A requirement for “NFL-preferred ATMs” throughout the venue.
They don’t miss a beat when it comes to fleecing fans.

5. Free portable cell phone towers if the signal strength isn’t strong enough at hotels.
Again, who pays for this?

6. 35,000 free parking spaces.
Holy shit these guys have a lot of friends. Figure that there are 32 teams.. that’s more than 1000 per team. Entourage Plus.

7. Reservations for as many as two “top quality bowling venues” for the Super Bowl Celebrity Bowling Classic, for free. Also, free access to three “top quality” golf courses.
Here’s one I actually agree with- the should have a chance to hang out on golf course in Minnesota in February. I’d like to see that.

8. A stipulation that hotels housing the teams “should be obligated to televise the NFL Network for a year before the Super Bowl — at no cost to the league.”
Obligated? Like forced? Just because it’s on doesn’t mean anyone is going to watch it… but really obligated to carry our shitty network…

My point is that prosports has gotten completely out of hand. Maybe a few more of these junkets will get folks to change their ideas on supporting these usurping dipsticks.

Might have to start watching NCAA sports, because the amateur student athletes are all about pure sport.

The have that going for them.



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3 responses to “Angry Football and Angry Futbol

  1. Priorities in this country are getting seriously out of whack.

  2. I am with you on every point…except the last one. I think that college sports have become a mere feeder for the pros, and every college player is playing for their chance in the pros. They are certainly not students. We are subsidizing the pros on that end as well.
    And Pied Type is correct. Waaaayyy out of whack.

    • I was being factitious about the NCAA, they’re worse than the pros because they pretend to be all about the kids the not about the money. It’s all about the money.

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