Scientists for Kids

I’ve come to the conclusion that given the choice between having a kids who are scientists, have a “life” science guy around vs. an “earth” science guy around, the life scientist is far more useful to me personally. While a geologist is interesting when you’re visiting a volcano or trying the select the perfect landscape rock, deep expertise in geology can be a pain in the ass as well. Like when you’re wading a stream with a fly rod and ask “what kind of rocks am I walking on” and getting a short lecture on the chemical composition of the strata when the only answer you were looking for was “slippery”.

Life sciences however offer the possibility real value, for example walking through the grocery store and looking for milk thats not BST enhanced and learning that the whole argument is stupid because “human cells aren’t affected by bovine hormones, that’s not how hormones work.”

That, is a handy bit of knowledge to have next time I run into a food wako.

Lets see what he can do for getting my lawn green this summer.


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2 responses to “Scientists for Kids

  1. College kids. You gotta appreciate how smart they are, huh?

  2. They certainly passed me in about the 10th grade.

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