Yellow Pages- US Dex operating like it’s 1975

My bitch of the day- rant coming:

Yellow Pages.

This afternoon there was a bag of local yellow pages sitting on my porch. What is it 1975 around here? Who the hell uses Yellow Pages anymore? Before depositing them straight into the dumpster so I can pay my garbage man to take them away I decided to take advantage of the “opt out” link on the cover of the book. Holy shit do those folks at Dex make it a pain in the ass to opt out of their books.

  1. Go to yeah, I know crazy.
  2. Setup an account on this site. Required for your account; Name, address, phone number email address.. why do they need my phone number? Because the need to verify that I’m who they thing they are when they include me on the opt out list. This is complete bullshit. This company blanket neighborhoods with these books, they don’t know who we are. The only reason they are even offering an opt out option, because they’ve been sued by municipalities who don’t want all this crap in their landfills.
  3. Once the account is set up, press save. At that point they send you an email to verify the account. So, you have to go to email, get the email open it, click the correct link and they provide two.. the first one misleads you by sending you to generic website, the second one is the one that takes you yet another setup page where you can enter a password. Once the password is entered and saved…
  4. Reenter your account and new password.
  5. Reenter address and zip, you are now presented with a list of the yellow pages for your area. Select the ones you want to delete and press enter.

This whole process reeks of a scam so we’ll see. Frankly this whole Yellow Pages “industry” is scam; fleecing businesses for ads in a book that no one uses.



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2 responses to “Yellow Pages- US Dex operating like it’s 1975

  1. Leslie

    I’m not even sure about the “fleecing businesses” part. I think plenty of those listings are put in without the business even knowing one way or the other. I hate these Yellow Books – on the days they’re delivered around here, there are books strewn everywhere – no one wants them and no one wants to have to figure out how to throw them out. So lame.

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