Pet Trouble

Among the list of pets at the Casa De Sank-a-Ray, the obvious one, the nasty corgi loved and loved by, only me. The dog as a poor disposition that I find endearing and everyone else finds annoying. Personally I see the dogs social issues as a reflection of my own social issues and feel fairly certain that the time is coming, probably sooner than later, where I too will be referred to as “crabby”. I just hope someone find my crabbiness endearing as I approach my golden years. Having someone to get my coffee in the home will be handy.

We have a pile of fish around here. Current occupants of the fish tank a group of African cichlids who could also be described as “crabby”. Actually what they are is territorial and they’re constantly fighting over space in the tank. Am told in the waters of lake Malawi, where all there distant ancestors once swam free, these fish also spend their time fighting over pieces of rock. All that fighting looks to those of us on terrestrial side of the glass like “active fish”. Active fish are interesting fish, regardless of the reason.

We have another batch of fish out on the pond. The pond was Mrs S’s solution to a continuing lawn problem. We can’t grow grass in about half of our backyard because for most of the summer, no light can penetrate the forrest canopy. That, and the fact that I’ve never been very successful at lawns,the effort to maintain them is outweighed by the imposition on my free time. The pond takes up space formally occupied by lawn, her logic is sound. The problem with a small pool of stagnant water in the back yard is that it quickly becomes a giant mosquito nursery. Hence the introduction of fish, a handful of 8 cent goldfish and a hundred feeder minnows solves the mosquito problem. Matter of fact, I never feed the outside fish, and somehow a good 50% of them survive until late fall when…

Last year I felt bad that after serving me so well all summer long these little finned friends of mine were destined to die in a block of ice so I made accommodations to bring them into the house for the winter. Mrs S, being the family comptroller pointed out that I might think carefully about investing $150 in equipment to save $.50 worth of fish. Cold logic, but she’s probably right.

Invertebrates? We he have one of those too. The last of the menagerie, the tarantula. Bought the thing when the middle kid was about 13. Now he’s at college and the spider is showing no signs of aging. Up until now she’s actually been the perfect pet, no walks needed, cage never needs cleaning, eats a 5 cent cricket every couple weeks, more of a piece of furniture than a pet. As a matter of fact the thing went almost completely unnoticed for 7 long years, until last night.

As I was heading up to bed I thought I’d give the spider some water, I noticed the door to the terrarium was a jar.

Uh oh.

A quick search in the tank turned up no spider. None. We had a jail break. Mrs S, not excited to learn this.

“Stay calm, I’ll find it”, almost believed myself too. Back in the day the kids a couple pet snakes, garter snakes they caught in the yard, they escaped their enclosures as well, only took them a night or two, took the spider 7 years. Honestly I had no real hope that I’d find it. But I made the effort. I honestly had no idea how long of a head start the critter had on me. Couple days probably, could be anywhere.

As I was telling Mrs S that she really had nothing to worry about, the thing would probably crawl off and die somewhere, they do’t want to be found. She’s not a fan of spiders. As I was telling her this I looked down at her feet, under the desk and well, there she was, spider. Up against the desk leg, trying to blent into the carpet. And, about 6 inches from Mrs S’s bare foot.

“Don’t move your foot dear”.. not what she wanted to hear.

Frankly I was more worked about the critter than her foot, thing wasn’t going to bite her.

Good news is no beings were harmed in the recovery process, and everyone returned to where they were supposed to be no harm done, even Mrs S.



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4 responses to “Pet Trouble

  1. I beat the rush and dubbed myself “crabby” several years ago. Deprived others of the satisfaction.

    Tarantula loose in the house? Yeah, let me know when you’ve taken care of that problem and I’ll return from my sudden vacation to … anyplace else.

  2. Oh, I don’t even know what to say. But the spiders and snakes would never have made it into my house in the first place.

  3. Leslie

    I think the bringing in the fish plan is the nicest thing ever.

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