Fathers Day

Fathers Day 2013. For the first time in my life I don’t have a Father to worry about for this day, but truth be told I haven’t spent a lot time on him in the last few years anyway so I can’t claim sympathy. But he does always come to mind and today was no different. I thought about him during the day. Only this time with some relief that I don’t have to worry about what he was up to today. Odd feeling.

I spent the day in my office working on a presentation I have tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about that a lot also. With the advent of smartphones and virtual offices I’m not sure life is better than it was when we’re so damned connected. I received a message on Friday night about 6:30 asking if I could be prepared with some data on Monday instead of Wednesday, the day I’d talked about last week. I didn’t get the message until about 7:30 and by then I had shut down the electronics for Saturday. If I can avoid it I try not to do any work related computer work from Friday night until Saturday night. Often I even put the phone on “ignore” during that time, otherwise…

Otherwise it’s like it was Sunday. I was at my desk around 6:30 and send off an email to the couple folks involved in the meeting. I got a response from both in 10 minutes.

And proceeded to exchange emails all day.

We’re never off anymore, and worse, there’s no expectation that we’ll be off. And that dear friends is THE reason I don’t like to go on vacation. Not worth the trouble to out but still connected. Or even worse try the “I’m not going to check email and messages while I’m gone” only to come back hundreds of messages and nasty grams. Just not worth it.

We’re heading out for Korean food this evening, maybe something will come up there. I’ll let you know.

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One response to “Fathers Day

  1. Mike Sankary

    Happy Father’s Day Cuz!

    It was good talking to you this week.

    Have a nice dinner with the fam!


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