Grad School Update

I’ve been remiss again. So far as keeping this space up to date. Lets say I’ve had a lot going on, lots to think about, all of which has made be about as uptight and anxious as I’ve been in my life. To the point where from time to time over the last week or so I’ve had some trouble keeping all the balls in the air that I usually do.

Now I’m not saying that everything is bad around here, we had some most excellent news to report here at the Casa Del San-A-Ray.

The Grad Student to Be was accepted to the school of his choice. It was a long shot, and I honestly didn’t think he’d get in, but he did. I’m talking about the Technion, aka the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa Israel. One of the very top engineering schools in the world. Now he had a decision to make, UC Davis or Technion. Applying to a school like that is all fun and exciting when you’re dreaming, but when that dream comes true and you realize that you’re leaving home and moving across the globe for three years? Then it’s a big old gulp. And he gulped.

He got his email announcing his admission on Sunday morning. As I predicted BTW. He was looking for it all last week. Davis wanted to know his decision by Friday last week, Technion told him they’d let him know the following week. Kid was a little ferklempt the whole week. I figured he’d know Sunday, Sunday is first day of the work week in Israel and sure enough.

Then the cherry on top of the sundae- On Monday morning he got a follow up not to his acceptance note, in a very matter of fact way they let him know that he’s been offered a full ride academic scholarship.


So he’s going.

That lump in throat thing? Transfer that to my throat now. He’s going to be gone for like 3 years. In a city that’s a 3 hour drive from Damascus Syria.

But we couldn’t be prouder. Kid has some moxie to pick up move to another country and attend a grad school where the instruction is in another language. Whole ‘nuther alphabet. Whole ‘nuther world.

So we got that to think about, massive logistics.


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6 responses to “Grad School Update

  1. Congratulations to your eldest! This is outstanding and he/you should be rightfully proud. Wow. But the moving across the globe for three years would place a major lump in this mom’s throat.

    We just went through a similar situation in this household with our 19-year-old who is transferring from North Dakota State. He applied and was accepted into three top-notch universities in the Boston area, with the same pressure to decide by a certain date and he had not yet heard from all three. Turns out only one, Tufts University, offered him a financial aid package that made it even at all financially feasible.

    I am so thankful for you and your son that he got that full academic scholarship. That reduces the stress considerably. You apparently have one brilliant boy.

    After reading about his destination of Israel, the logistics and distance to Boston seem like nothing.

    How’s the mama doing?

  2. Whit

    Congratulations! Well done.

  3. That’s awesome! The whole family must be excited. Congratulations to your son (and to the very smart parents who raised him)!

  4. Wow!!! This is wildly impressive! Congrats all round!

  5. Ed Sankary

    Mazel Tov!
    Very proud here in Cowtown!

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