The Season

The season is upon us know, presumer if you will. We made it back to the lake and in this I found joy. The cabin by the lake is my happy place. Simple pleasures like no cable, no schedule, no stressors and lots of time to think and write and take in the scenery. 

I was a little dismayed about the water level in the lake. We’re about a foot down by my calculations. Odd since we’ve had plenty of precipitation.  I have a feel the little dam at the end the lake might have washed out. Tomorrow I’ll head up there and see what’s going on. 

This is Mothers Day weekend, Mrs S asked that we spend the weekend working on the summer project, lining the outside of the house with stone. Small project. The down side of being up here with her is that there really isn’t any where to hide when my number comes up for project work. It’s ok, it’s Mothers Day, I can suck it up. 

For a while. 

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