On further consideration

Just finished reading War for the Oaks by Emma Bull. Not the type of book that type of book that comes across my desk very often, actually has never really come across my desk. It the first book I’ve ever read in the “Urban Fantasy” genre. It’s also teh first time I’d ever heard of the “Urban Fantasy” genre. So BOOM there ya go, mind expanded.

I’m not really in tune with the fantasy and science fiction. I like them.. I’m just not in the loop for stuff like that. But I do read Scooter’s blog over at A Nod To Nothing, he reads a lot of stuff in this genre and he highly recommended this one. Sort of an interesting book, set in Minneapolis, got a goth thing going, music thing, Hiawatha Falls and First Avenue are featured. It was a decent enough book, not especially polished, it wasn’t high brow literature like say Sea of Poppies by Amitav Gosh.

But as I read it, I could help think that you know what, I could write something like this.

Ahh writing a book, a long unrealized goal. To be an author, something I’ve thought about for 25 years.

So, you say, do it.

Writing a book requires some stick-to-itivenes, something that Captain ADD would have trouble with. One the other hand some way, some how I’ve found a way to post 2300 posts on this blog. What if I’d focused that effort on writing a book?

I’da written about 7 by now. Crazy to think.

What about time? So far my net earnings from writing come to the grand total of $1500.00. And that sum, not exactly payment for what I’d written from a content perspective, rather it was because I wrote about something that sparked the interest of an attorney looking for a guy to represent a class in a law suit. And since my family has become to accustomed to a certain life style I’m tend to focus on the job, which like all jobs these days is a little encompassing, it leaves little time or mental bandwidth for other pursuits.

Need any more excuses, ’cause I have a lot of them if you want.

I even broke down this month and purchased a piece of software; Scrivener, to help with the construction of a book. Content BTW, not much of a problem, I’m long winded if nothing else.

So now I find myself starting to run out of excuses save one, this blog. There’s only so much time and writing energy in the day, updating this thing takes alot of that time.

No I’m not quitting this. But I ‘m thinking that it’s about time I get more serious about writing and try to make something out of nothing.


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10 responses to “On further consideration

  1. Tim

    Like you say, the words add up over time. Even if you only crank out 250 words a day, that’s still a really long short story (7500 words) after a month.

    I say go for it. I like reading your blog, but I’d understand if you had to dial it back a bit to work on something like this.

  2. Keith

    What genres are you bouncing about in your mind?

  3. Like you, I’ve got about 2,000 posts now, and I often wonder if they’d add up to a good novel (or more likely, a bad one). That’s one stat WP doesn’t give us — total word count. I’d love to know.

    • I estimated, based on 2300 words and 500 words per post (low estimate) that I’ve written about 1.1 Million words. Average novel is around 80K to 100K so that’s 10 books. Lots of words.

  4. Here’s an idea—take your outline, your character sketches, a laptop with a power cord, and bring it all up to the cabin for a weekend. Just you and this book project. In two days you could have a few chapters, and once you get going, it will really pick up the pace. You can take as many breaks as you’d need, but you will have few interruptions and fewer excuses to not get some stuff done. I think you’d do great writing the book.

  5. Same sort of thoughts rattling through this bloggers brain. Go for it, I say.

  6. RAH

    I’d love to get updates. I think it would be great!

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