To get a right answer, as a wife

I woke up in the middle of night on Saturday shivering. Somewhat uncontrollably. I mean I was freezing, well chilled anyway. Of course my first thought, night sweats. Stupid paranoid hypochondria. Weird thing was, I wasn’t really sweating, just chilled.
Blanked had rolled off the bed a wee bit.

When I woke up at 7:00 or so I was still cold. Flu maybe.
I think there’s a new corona virus floating around, might be that.
Had the chills right down to the bone if ya know what I mean.

I went up stairs where I found Mrs S just waking up. Or so it appeared, she was completely buried under the covers.
“I think I’m sick my precious dove, might need to go to the emergency room”. I exaggerated a bit so sue me.
“Whats you problem?” she said from under the blankets, and I might add, not exactly in a way that exuded much sympathy.  “I think I’m running a fever, I’ve been shivering all night”.

She uncovered her left eye, “‘d’ya check the heater Occum” A thinly veiled and I might add somewhat sarcastic reference to Occums Razor, the principal of succinctness. The idea that the hypothesis with  simplest explanation or the one with the fewest choices should be the one to choose. In her world the chances that I’d suddenly developed a devastating tropical disease or a rare cancer overnight were probably not as good a choice as heater issues.

Women. The can be so cruel when a man is need.

“Heaters fine, I’ve got the chills dear.”

Without looking up “go check”.

Downstairs I walked to the thermostat, it read 52 degrees.

Sunday morning it was 8 degrees in the Twin Cities, but it should have been 72 in the house.

Mrs S has been consistently right since 1985, same year we were married. I was right once last summer, forgot what it was about however.

Centerpointe energy was over 20 minutes. Turns out the sensor uh.. shit I don’t know I wasn’t listening. There’s no chance that I’d ever fix a furnace go shits sake. Mrs S might, but for me if you just leave me your phone number that’ll do believe me.
I’ll put right next to nurse line. Good news is after May 1 I can start calling that number again as my ban expires.

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