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St. Patricks Day party this evening. I have been stewing for three days on what would be the best way to pass on it with out offending the host OR Mrs S. Difficult because Mrs S is the one who called the guy who does host this thing to make sure that he was still having it and thereby putting it squarely back on my social calendar. 

I’m not a fan of St. Patricks day. I think it’s quite telling that in Ireland St. Patricks day really didn’t get going until the mid 1900’s, after it had been fully developed in Canada and the United States. By developed I’m talking about copious drinking and corned beef and cabbage. BTW, they don’t eat a lot of corn beef in Ireland. So um.. whats the dealio? 

I’m going on record as saying that cabbage, in any form is disgusting. Corned Beef, awful stuff. Why would you eat processed canned meat when we have fresh meat available? This is the 20th century after all. Potatoes, not my favorite. Maybe we should pass on the Ameri-irish foods and go back to our Irish roots and eat more fish and diary? 

I, BTW haven’t been able to find any Irish ancestry in my background, which given the Heinz 57 genetics is kinda weird. I have wanted to move to Belfast in the past.. must be something there. 

All I’m saying is I find corned beef and cabbage to be absolutely horrible, and it puts a damper on the whole celebration. 

Guinness on the other hand.. and Bushmills Irish Whiskey, world class products. And if you live in the Twin Cities and think that 2Gingers is good stuff, remind me of that fact when I see you next so I can slap you. 

St. Patricks day is one of the two days I abstain from booze, the other being New Years Eve. To many amateurs out there binging. I prefer to consume my soothing adult beverages on days that aren’t associated with drinking, like say Wednesdays. 


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