A Lesson From Masonry

During the 1st Degree of the Masonic fraternity, the Entered Apprentice Degree the candidate is instructed on the allegorical symbolism Masonry attached to the working tools of the Operative Mason. These tools are used to impress on the candidate certain lessons and truths.

During the first degree the candidate is presented with, among other things, the 24 inch gauge. For those of who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and who had Dad’s who might be handy you are probably familiar with a gauge. It’s one of those rulers that folds into three equal parts. The new Mason is taught that the ruler is  divided into 24 equal parts which is symbolic of the 24 hours day. And, like the three part ruler the Mason should divide their day into three 8 hour parts as well, finding 8 hours for service and good works, 8 hours for your regular work, and 8 hours for refreshment and sleep.

Jews are also admonished to take a day off every week.

Rest and refreshment being critical to performance.

I seem to lose track of this truth more often than not. Refreshment and recreation are the first things I give up when push comes to shove. And I pay the price for it sometimes.

Kinda feeling like I’m in one of those times.


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