Weekend Update From Superstar to Pathetic

This weekend clearly peaked on Friday night, leaving the reaming two days to bask in the glow of a great evening. Unfortunately I spend the remaining two days of the weekend in various stages of angst, and try as I might I just couldn’t get my shit together enough to do much more than work. Saturday morning a friend called and invited me to go shooting. I find a trip to the pistol range to be about one of the best ways I know to get me into the here and now and clear my mind of everything else. Must be the mental concentration it takes to focus when you’re aiming.

I spent Saturday afternoon working on an Excel spreadsheet for work. I’ve been playing around with a prioritization exercise, trying to objectively rank and sort about 40 different pieces of work that need to get done. The traditional approach would be to meet with people and solicit their opinion around all 40 at one time. I’ve never been a big fan of this method; I think it’s just a tish to subjective. Thinking about it I started working on a pairwise exercise where people evaluating the work would compare each proposal to each other proposal only one at a time, in pairs if you will. You score each comparison based on a scale of the relationship between the two items.

For example, how do I feel about the Giants vs. the Dodgers? 5 Being Giants are 100% more favorable then the Dodgers. If that’s the case than the Dodgers compared to the Giant would be a -5, they are never more favorable than the Giants. I started with a 1-6 scoring method, but in conversation with my son, who was home for his Mom’s party, we changed to positive and negative. Nate’s idea was that if the median was 0 then we could get a better distribution of the relationship between the positive and negative. He’s smart that kid, gets it from his mother.

In case you’re interested here’s an example of the proof of concept table I developed. By this comparison I was surprised to lean that of the 8 teams I selected I like the Yankees slightly more than the Giants, and don’t like the Red Sox or the Dodgers. Hmmm seems to work.

Now, add 32 more items to the list and I have a pretty interesting spreadsheet. Which took all evening to make since all the references had to be done manually as you have to transpose formula to get the reciprocal values below the line. And yes I know you can transpose in Excel, unless you have cell references then Excel replaces the cell reference with a REF# error. I got if figured out, after spending most of the day on it. We did take a break to take the kids out for dinner at the 5-8 clubs for burgers.

Sunday the lad left at about 9:00, and so ended the weekend birthday celebration. Then back to normal. I hate it when stuff like family time, vacations etc. come to an end. Which is the main reason I haven’t taken a vacation in a decade or so. I would rather stay home and avoid coming back. When I am gone I find myself counting down how long I have left before the we have to go back and the whole time becomes a big cluster. I have issues.

I had Timberwolves tickets on Sunday afternoon, but I didn’t go. Yes I passed on a Warriors game so I could stay home and do some more work. I told Mrs S I was heading up to the game and descended into my secret basement hideout to work on a presentation due at 8:30 on Monday. The thing was put to bed last Thursday but it’s been causing me so much angst that I knew going to a game I’d be spending all my time thinking about preparing, and making dinner, and 20 other things.. Sunday suck in my world and it seems that going out or doing things to distract only make it worse.

Better for me to hunker down on focus on the tasks at hand, which is what I did for about 30 minutes. That’s when Mrs S came down into basement looking for something the kid left down there and found me. Busted.

SO a great weekend ended a tad pathetically. The grind kicked back in a day earlier than I’d like, but at least I’ll be prepared for the week.

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