Need a new dishwasher. The current dishwasher is now more of a dish rinser for some reason. I think somethings wrong with the pump, no pressure. I can relate to that. After toying with buying one on Amazon for about 11 seconds we headed off to Sears. I’ve bought almost every single appliance we’ve ever purchased at Sears. I’m going to miss them when they go out of business in the next couple years.

There’s a lot of choices in the appliance market. The salesman asked a lot of questions about what we wanted. Here’s my list of features:

  • Machine can be loaded by a teenager. This apparently is asking too much. There is no dishwasher on the planet that is loadable by a teenager. Mrs S has suggested that there is no toilet paper roll holder that’s workable by a man. Fair enough.
  • Mrs S wants a unit that’s not going to need to be replaced any time soon. I like that feature, lets plan on that.
  • We’d like something that cleans dishes. Seems like an obvious one but probably a good idea to bring it up.

Think that’s the extent of it. Sales guy has a much longer list of features, stainless tub, delayed cycle, turbo zone, extra rinse cycle, big handle. I asked if there was a unit that dispensed espresso drinks. No sense of humor in the appliance sales field. There is a however a strong desire to educate consumers on about the dishwasher industry. I learned for example, that Maytag was bought by Whirlpool, who makes all of the Kenmore models except the ones that are made by Frigidaire.

By eyes might have glazed over a little bit. “Which one washes dishes?” He was a little puzzled. “They all wash dishes… sir, Samsung is a Korean model if you’re interested in that.” I was struggling to figure out what I cared about, what I didn’t and why some models were $500 more than others. To me, they all kinda looked the same, except for the button placement. Some have the buttons placed on top of the door, when the door is closed, nothing shows. Those models were about $50.00 more. “nice huh” the sales guy said. “That’s different from what we have today.” I said. “Yes Sir, these have nice a nice clean look.” “So I’d have to push the buttons and then close the door?” “yea”. “Change.. nothing good ever came from change. We’re too old to learn something new, stick to the ones with the buttons on the front.”

Really all I want is a dishwasher that’s easy to use. There’s no differences in these stupid things, at least none that matter in the long run.

Installation is about $150.00. “Sank you think you can install this yourself?” “Plumbing?” “Ok install and take away to the old one.”

And so the deed is done. More excitement than I’ve had in weeks, a new dishwasher.


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5 responses to “Dishwashers

  1. Ken in Northfield

    Congrats on the home improvement.
    Hope it cleans things AND is quiet.

  2. The quiet part is good. We were amazed at how much quieter a new one was. We just spent $$$ on a new vacuum cleaner…..and it is kind of exciting to have it. My 13 year old self would be dying watching this.

  3. OK, so the only dishwasher in my house is me. Been working for nearly 30 years now (in this house) and isn’t expected to need replacement any time soon. Can Sears match that?

  4. Yes, QUIET would be Numero Uno on my list. As in, sound insulation. In a little house with an open floor plan, I can stare at the dishwasher while watching TV in the living room. Hell, I have to turn up the TV when the furnace kicks on.

    Last time I shopped for a major appliance, I started with Sears but ended up at Lowe’s. Made a note to go back there when the current fridge actually dies. Sears repairman cancelled on me while I was standing there watching said fridge hemorrhaging water onto my hardwood floor. (No, the cutoff on the water line didn’t stop it.) I won’t be dealing with them again.

  5. We bought a new dishwasher about five years ago, even thought I didn’t want one. My sweetheart didn’t understand that some of the dishes weren’t getting clean because there are only two of us and when the dishes sit there for three-or-four days the stuff dries on like cement.

    I finally folded and we bought a new dishwasher. After all the paperwork was completed, one of the last things that the salesman said was that a load of dishes might take a little longer. Boy was he right!! It’s a pain in the neck to realize that more than an hour-and-a-half later the machine is still running. When there is just the two of us and we have no plans it’s okay…but if we are waiting for it to finish…geez!

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