Weekend Update- Craps, Party and a Hand Cannon


Best description of the weekend.


Also a good descriptor.

Friday night was the annual Friends of Scouting affair. Typically I wouldn’t attend one of those, having been voted off “Scout Island” a long time ago. However, Mrs S, the instigator of this affair had organized a Casino Night to attempt to get more parents out to the affair. Fact is no one likes Friends Of Scouting, it’s their version of the United Way Pledge campaign. Fill out the card, pledge some money, blah blah blah. But add in a craps tables and Ka-Boom! I’m there. I’m so there.

CrapsgameAmong my more niche skills, I can deal craps in a pinch. Love me some craps. The evening turned into a teaching seminar on craps, how to bet, how to lose.. all good fun. I just wish that some of the luck I see when we’re playing for fun when I’m at the tables in Vegas. Know what I’m say’n?

FOS went until about 9:00, the post gathering at Casa Del Sank-a-ray went on to about 2:00am.

I’m too old to stay up until 2:00, kills the next day. Rather kills the later part of that day.

Saturday all I could muster was the return of the craps table to the rental place. We paid about $40.00 for a POS craps table that I”m guessing cost about $150 to make. Figure they rent the thing about once a month (I asked), and guessing by the looks of it have had it for about 10 years.. I need to explore this rental business, seems profitable.

Saturday night the annual lodge awards banquet. AKA Table Lodge. This was no low key affair. Actually this was an interesting affair since we were hosting in a new place, with new guys for the first time, went very well. Went very well but none the less one of those things that it’s good to be done with. Stress gone.

Sunday was a slow day, two meetings on my calendar and an appointment at the pistol range with my bride and some friends. We haven’t been out shooting in a while and it was nice get back out there. One of our friends brought his new “bear swatter”. He’s going up to Alaska in the fall to hunt caribou and moose in the outback. That’s done with rifles BTW. But, he was told some protection for when grizzlies take interest in the 50lbs of moose meat your carrying is a good idea. He chose a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan with .454 Casull ammo. I got to shoot a few rounds through it. All I can say is I hope the feeling in my right hand comes back soon. MRs S asked if she could try, I uh.. said not a good idea. I shot three rounds and that was enough for me. I told her next time, and to prep when we go home, hold your hand up and let me hit it with a hammer a few times. About the same feeling.

Hand cannon.

Mrs S did step up from the .22LR she’s been shooting, moved up to a .45 Auto. My 1911. That’s actually about 4 steps up in weight and recoil. I was prepared to see it fly out of her hands so for her first shot I gave her 1 round. Which she put right through the center of the target, and hung on to the gun. Looked at me and said “I don’t think you respect my skills”. I stood corrected. I have to say, when it comes to shooting pistols, for a woman with a neurological condition that makes her have to hold a glass with two hands to avoid spilling it from involuntary shaking, she can flat out shoot. First time with a .45 and she had 5 out 8 rounds in the 9 ring, and three were touching each other. As they say “nice grouping dear”. She wrote it off to beginners luck, which in her case, is a proven fact.

– First time golfing; 85.
– First time fishing; Limit of crappies in 20 minutes, all of them better than 15 inches.
– First time trowing axes at scout camp; stink’n bullseye.
– First date: A grand slam home run over the deep center field wall, thank you very much.🙂 Um me in case you weren’t tracking.

Yup that first date was where she met her first husband, also me! And boy did she get lucky there. I just have to remind her a few times a day. Well one of us got lucky anyway.

Like I always say, “The only thing I’ve ever been lucky at in my life is love.” True dat.

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  1. Ed Sankary

    Good one…lotsa points!!

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