Rant- Sports Softness

It sucks to be a sports fan in Minnesota.

Minnesota nice my ass. We’re like a bunch of parents around here watching their kids play sports. As long as they play hard and do their best we’re so proud of them.

Bullshit. We should be mad. We should be lighting up the airwaves and burning purple shirts.

In the world of prosports, where we the fans pay the bills, and in the case of Minnesota, pay for the stadiums too, we should be pissed.  

Saturday night I watched the Minnesota Vikings put on one the worst performances I’ve ever seen in an NFL playoff game. Wasn’t just QB Joe Webb, although he did really stink up the joint, it was Leslie Frazier and Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave. It was a crappy defense, where was the group that sacked Rogers all day the previous week, at home in the Dome? It was passes to nowhere, how many Webb passes hit receivers  in the freak’n numbers only to bounce off then incomplete.

How do you have a backup QB in a playoff game who hasn’t thrown a pass all season? According to Musgrave it’s because we wanted to give Ponder all the time he needed to gain experience. Were you watching that second series of plays when Webb, in the grasp of the Packers Defense tossed the ball straight up in the air in an attempt to avoid a sack. Honestly I don’t know how that ball didn’t get picked off and run back the other way for a pick six. And he did it a couple times. Seriously, looked like a play you’d see middleschoolers attempt.

Vikings fans, were you pissed off? We’re you disgusted? Or did you wear your Vikes crap all day and console yourself in the idea that “well they did better than we thought, it was a good season.” I’m not going discount that, there were some good deeds this year, mostly Adrian Peterson deeds, and they did do better than we thought. But still. They’re soft. They lack toughness.

Case in point:

Vikings were 10-6, good enough get into the playoffs and played like hell the last game of the season to get into the season, and they did against the conference rival who.. had little to play for.  At one time Vikes fans will remember the team played their games outside for a hard-ass coach who even in the dead of the Minnesota winter wouldn’t let the players wear more than minimal protection from the weather. They were tough that way. And the fans were tough, Vikings fans packed the stadium, even in sub-zero conditions wearing snowmobile suits and good hats. This is Minnesota, our climate is our advantage.

Now? This Vikings team was 0-5 outside. Yeah, not one win in grass.

The week before the game in Green Bay it was pretty cold here in Minnesota.

And, it was cold in Green Bay. A fact lost on our coaches.

Lambeau Field is an outdoor venue. Fans there were coats and hats to games in the winter. And they sell place out.

The Vikings practice facility in Eden Prairie has an outdoor practice field. I don’t know of if they use it. They don’t when it’s cold outside. Last week the temps were in the teens. Cold, but not exactly frigid by Minnesota standards. Sub-zero is frigid around here, teens is just cold. Ice fisherman love a day in the teens. Means you can be comfortable on the lake.

But not at the Vikings practice facility. Coach Frazier decided to keep the team inside last week. He did open the doors to bring the temperature down inside. When asked about the outdoor practice field “the footing would be treacherous, wouldn’t be wise”.

Wouldn’t be wise. Really?

Would be too far from the team hot coco and latte maker too I’m guessing.

Smells like “soft” to me.



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3 responses to “Rant- Sports Softness

  1. Sank, first I think you are hilarious. But what is this obsession about weather. So what…you people live in the Frigid Zone, heck you’re knocking on the door to Canada, um, are we supposed to be impressed? You want a football team to pull for that I know deep in my heart is going all the way…that team would be the Atlanta Falcons!! Good coaching and great players. If you want to pick on me and call me a ‘homer’ that’s fine, I already know that about myself.

    • My point is the team was going to play in Green Bay, they should have prepared for the conditions. If they were going to play in Atlanta then practice in doors.

      Just for the record I will not be rooting for the Falcons. I’m a life long Bay Area sports fan and will be 100% behind the 49ers. And should they not be in the Superbowl I won’t watch it.

  2. I certainly appreciate your honesty. I will say I have a vibe that Atlanta might actually win this one…its a gut feeling. Make fun of me if you want, but I did win the college bowl picks this year….that makes 5 out of the last 6 and I am picking against mainly guys who got their degrees from Notre Dame, Naval Academy, Auburn and Harvard. So just sayin’…if my gut is telling me this the year of the Falcons…that’s a good thing. Regardless of my football prognostications, your posts always make me smile!

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