The Annual Holiday Poem


Twas the day before Christmas and the family came together, to celebrate the season, despite the bad weather.

For three days it had snowed, in buckets and more, and the roads and the passes had danger galore.

But everyone made it home, showed true devotion, albeit to be here Sunday when Sports Book was open.

And settled in we did get as work was accomplished, there were packages to wrap and silver to polish.

A tree to put up, and as best we could. That chore was left the Jews which never turns out so good.

And as snow kept on falling and the piles got higher, there was some concern that our supplies would expire.

A trip the store I felt was much needed, but fear gripped the family and so it was tweeted

that no one should venture out on those roads, the danger too great, risk not worth the reward.

But I’m worried that some of our staples are lean, specifically booze and the cigs and ice cream.

You don’t smoke said my wife, you don’t need cigarettes, snowed in with this bunch I’ll take anything I can get.

So grabbed my coat and I put on my booties, and grabbed the keys to Grandma’s Subaruski.

Don’t go they all screamed, you won’t make it back. For heavens sake I declared it’s just a short track.

Besides I’m from Minnesota where snow like this happens. We never let winter dampen our actions.

Well take the other car they said, the one that’s out in the lot, it needs to be moved before the plow blocks the spot.

Outside did I go, and the storm did abate, only to find that for the car, I was a little to late.

For where a car once did sit comfortable in a stall, was now a round mound of snow in a big ball.

No sign of the car was visible it seemed, and just then along came the plow further complicating things.

Dang nab it I said to no one in particular. I am not digging out anything vehicular.

So back the condo where I see if we could try, to see if we could make the supplies we had get us buy.

And there I found everyone sitting around, chatting and talking, good spirits abound.

A case of two buck Chuck in the closet was found, as well as some coffee, hot coco and  bottle of Crown

The parents excited by clinking of glasses, the kids by thoughts of skiing in powder up their asses.

So there in hight of snow came the glow of the family together despite all the snow.

Happy holidays everyone.



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2 responses to “The Annual Holiday Poem

  1. Ken in Northfield

    enjoy your family and time away

  2. What the….

    You’re a POET?
    And I didn’t KNOW IT?


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