Snow. Get over it.

The first snowfall of the season came Sunday. Going into Sunday night we had a 11.5 inch deficit in seasonal snowfall. I believe the words “snow drought” were being thrown around. By Sunday night we were at a 1.5” surplus. Instant winter. Sunday morning Mrs S came down stairs to find me nursing a cup of coffee, aimlessly staring out the window, eyes a little moist. “What’s the matter honey?”, empty nesting has us growing more cuddly.

“I’m sad today”

“How come?”

“I don’t know, I’m kinda missing the boys all of a sudden?”  Sniff.

She came over, put a hand on my shoulder and in the most understanding and loving voice ever said “You wish you had someone to go out and shovel the driveway don’t you?”


So it went. Wet, heavy, “widow maker” snow as they say. Lotta guy my age collapse and die in the driveway shoveling snow like what we had on Sunday. If you do the math, I moved about 2000lbs of snow one shovel at a time. No wonder my back was aching later. This whole situation was caused because I procrastinated one day too many to get gas for the snow thrower. In my defense I’ve been counseled to only use premium non-oxygenated gasoline in my small motors. The only place to get non-oxygenated gas is across town, a gas station that’s not on any of my usual routes. I would also have to remember to carry the gas can in the car, and really, that’s a lot of stuff to come together at one time for me. I need a reminder, and 12 inches of snow was a pretty good reminder.

I did get snow tires on Mrs S’s car in time for the snow. We mothballed the Durango this winter, the go to car for snow. This left me with some concerns that I might find myself snowed in this winter. The Scion is a fun/frightening winter driving experience, or as I refer to it, Mr Toads Wild Ride. Mrs S’s 16 year old Camry hasn’t been a great choice winter car either. Last year, pretty much a snow free winter, she still managed a few 180’s doing hard right turns. I suggested that it because she didn’t the after-market sway bar on her rear suspension,  like my Scion does. (long stupid story) She’s not as open to feedback about driving as you would expect. Which was brought home when I let the “leadfoot” phrase slip out. I thought I was thinking in the privacy of my own mind, but alas, my mouth betrayed my mind and I found myself once wishing I had a 5 second delay on my speech.

New tires I’m happy to say made quite the difference. I took to Camry out to get to gas, groceries etc. Wow, call me impressed. Baby was a champ on the snow covered streets. I was passing SUV’s on the main drag, bitching the whole time about how slow people were driving. Matter of fact, since we didn’t have snow the last year or so, I think everyone forgot how to drive in the it and we went it collective panic.

Or have we lost our collective minds?


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5 responses to “Snow. Get over it.

  1. Clyde of Mankato

    I personally have a theory the collective driving IQ drops about 4 points for inch of snowfall.

  2. Hey, that was supposed to be our snow!

  3. RAH

    I think one TC man did pass away from shoveling. I had no one else home, so hired the teenage boy across the street to snowblow. Best 20 investment I have made in quite some time!

  4. Andrew

    Sank –
    You should know that the very definition of winter driving is that the other guy is always going the wrong speed.

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