Call to Action

Tax Payers of Minnesota- the opposing team is on our 1 yard line, there’s seconds left on the clock and its fourth down. We have one last, slim chance to defeat this stadium con job by the NFL and Ziggy Wilf, one last chance to take a stand against hundreds of millions in corporate welfare. The last step in this deal is for the City Council in Minneapolis to approve the deal. If they do not, it’s back to the drawing board, and hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

On Thursday, the Minneapolis City Council will be voting on this deal, they’re the last line between the taxpayers of Minnesota and sanity. Backroom deals, loopholes to getting around letting the citizens vote on this.. games to get around the fact that this wouldn’t pass on it’s own, because it’s an awful deal. For Minnesota and for us taxpayers.

Th city council knows this, tehy know there about to something horrible for their constituents.

All weekend end long there has been a ton of media coverage about this deal and just how bad it is for the taxpayers of Minnesota.

Patrick Russe- local dean of sports columnists and Vikings fan, in his column this weekend said the the media dropped the ball on this one. In their rush to get this passed the completely neglected the fact that in reality, the Wilfs $450M investment in the new stadium, the loyalty they have for Minnesota? Complete BS.

From Russe’s column: Add it up – naming rights, license fees, NFL grant _ and you have $450 million of Zygi’s $477 million. That doesn’t seem to be much suffering for a fellow now being depicted as the patient martyr of stadium negotiations.

That’s right, Ziggy is actually in for $50M. If his deal does the same thing for the Vikings that Colts deal did for that team, that’s 10% of just the apprication he’ll enjoy from this deal. Figure the value of the team will go from $750M to $1.2B.. And we’ll be subsidzing Ziggy’s windfall with every purcahase we make for the next 30 years.

AP Sports Columnist Tim Dalhberg-

By the time the Wilfs get done selling stadium naming rights and the dreaded personal seat licenses, though, they may not even need the $200 million loan the NFL has promised to help get it done.

No wonder team executives were jubilant this week when Minnesota lawmakers voted to approve the deal, even though they added $50 million to the team’s share of the cost to keep angry taxpayers from attacking the state capitol with pitchforks.

“Let’s build it!” vice president Lester Bagley shouted, hugging another team executive as Vikings fans in the gallery above the state Senate chamber broke out in a rendition of the “Skol Vikings!” fight song.

It was a classic shakedown, the kind the NFL is particularly good at. After years of thinly veiled threats about the Vikings possibly moving to Los Angeles if they didn’t get a proper new stadium, Commissioner Roger Goodell put the hammer down last month with a visit to state legislators that jumpstarted what had been a stalled debate over how much taxpayers should cough up for the team.

The LA Scam.. there’ still no site picked in LA, no finance package in place, no team identified and the budgets in California, a serious mess.

Friends, readers, this isn’t done. The City Council is waaay more sensitive to public sentiment than the State Legislators. Their constituents are fired up that this is being rammed through with no vote. Now is the time, even if you don’t live in Minneapolis, send emails to RT Rybak, to the city council, implore them not to bend to the blackmail, they all know how bad a deal this is by now. Tell them to vote NO. It’s our last chance.

Unless of course someone files a lawsuit that claims this entire process was illegal, a violation of the states laws about open meetings, voting on tax increases etc etc. That could tie it up for several more years and keep us of getting fleeced.


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  1. Yeah, good luck with that.

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