Adult Onset Ear Infection

This weekend wasn’t great, I’ve certainly had better….

After being sick last week with a cold, on Friday morning I started having an earache. Interesting since I haven’t had one of those since the Johnson administration. By Friday night I was in, what Doctors would call “some discomfort”, medical for hurts like a MFr.  by the time I went to bed the side of my head hurt as well. As did the right side of my throat. Eustachian tube problem. I gargled with salt water and did the Ibuprofin thing and went to bed.

Woke up at exactly 5:15 on Saturday. More pain and popping and.. about 9:00 there was a weird sensation of all the pain and pressure on that side of my head being suddenly relieved. This was accompanied my a feeling of a warm drip on my ear.. which I patted with my hand, looked at, saw that it was red and


Mrs. S looked at me, in full panic mode, “What the hell is wrong with you..”

“Honey, I think I’ve had an aneurysim, this is it.   Well, the Nurse-Wife was not impressed. “you have to do a lot better than that, if you’re going to get us to pay for a ambulance trip.” “Probably ruptured your eardrum.”

Looked at her.

“really? You think that’s it?” She nodded. “Ahh ok” I said, “lemmie start over..”


She wasn’t impressed. “You should run to urgent care and see what they say.”

Not the germ factory. NO NOT THAT.. “Go to the big box clinic.. ” I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to resuscitate me should the need arise.. but I went. And hit the Starbucks drive thru on the way.. wasn’t dying after all.

2 second wait, cashier/healer looked in my ear and pronounced “you’ve torn your ear drum.”

OMG.. I cried right there. All that great music I’m going to miss out on, my daughters wedding, my grandkids.. <<Sob>>

I don’t know alot about nursing school but her reaction was the same as my wifes.. exactly the same, which led me to think, they must teach this in Clinicals at nursing school..she looked at me, red eyed and ear-lorn and said; “What the hell is wrong with you.”

Ok. Turns out not a big deal.. don’t go scuba diving for a while and don’t swim. Good thing ’cause I was just about to go over to the YMCA where I’ve had a membership for a year and haven’t been in 9 months… and restart swimming, now.. I have a note.

Sunday the pain was back, by 2:00 I was at having trouble staying attentive at a Masonic function due to the throbbing. By 8:00 my jaw hurt.

I’m waiting for the antibiotics to kick in.. oh wait.. they didn’t give me antibiotics. Apparently, thanks to every Soccer Mom and dufus kid who tugs at their ear, they have so over prescribed the things that Docs and Grocery Store Nurses no longer have a big bowl of them on their desks.. they’re hard to get.

I was told if this continues for a few days I should go to my primary care Doctor and have them take a look.

I have an ear infection, my first one in like 44 years.

What could have changed in my life that would bring on an ear infection. How would bacteria from my nose get into my ear at my age.

One word- CPAP… the first side effect appears.

Second if you count it’s use as a wife repellent.


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3 responses to “Adult Onset Ear Infection

  1. We always treated ear infections with garlic oil when my kids were young… a natural antibiotic. However, there’s plenty of evidence antibiotics don’t work, so I’m sure the old olive oil in the ear remedy would work just as well. Maybe not when the ear drum is already ruptured, though!
    Or you could find another alternative remedy… has a bunch.

  2. Annette Lee (Matt's wife)

    This happened to me while pregnant with my first child……ear aches ever since and I have ruptured my ear drum 3 times now. So sorry. Not a fun event!

  3. Ah HAH! I read your most recent posts in order, from the newest to the oldest. I have missed a few. So, I read this one, then go to the previous post, and I believe I have solved your mysterious ear infection…….you listened to Rush a l l w e e k e n d!!!!! It is the result of too much music to the ear.

    Hope you are feeling better……and about your growing up daughter, as well.

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